Thursday, February 09, 2017

"I Am Jane Doe" Movie

I challenge you to make a difference in our world. Let’s make some noise, people!

Do you remember the amazing impact which was felt when so many Americans showed up in DC on January 21, 2017? One person CAN make a difference.  Each individual, one at a time, made the decision to show up and let their voice be heard - across the nation and the world.

If you live in the Philadelphia / Cherry Hill, NJ area you can show up and make an impact. There is a documentary movie about the subject of sex trafficking which is playing from Feb 10 thru 16th in Cherry Hill NJ. It is called “I am Jane Doe”.

Sex trafficking: it is rampant and it must stop! 

Come out if you can, and learn more about it. Let’s all show our anger that this horrible atrocity has no place in a civilized society. We can start by learning more.

Article about and trailer of the movie here:

Trailer / Info / Ticket info here:

Author's note: I usually post things related to my art here. But art is part of life and this issue has commanded my attention right now. I care about my fellow humans and cannot sit by and do nothing.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Musings About the Country's State

There are twenty-four hours in every day. We all have the same amount of time. We each choose different ways to use it. Sometimes we don't have  much choice but we do what we have to do.

 Recently, I have had days where I sooo wish I had more time to paint, but other responsibilities mandated that I do other things. (Sigh). It is the way of the world. It is often frustrating to realize that one must do things other than their passion, in order to do what is necessary to survive (pay the rent, buy food,....)

I have also been dealing with a feeling of hopelessness/helplessness about the state of our country, starting from the day I woke up and discovered that Hillary did not get elected. Rather, we will now have a person in the Oval office who is - in my and many other peoples' minds -  extremely unqualified for the job, to say the very least. (Don't get me started. I cannot even stomach stating his name.)

Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope that maybe I will help to make an impact for change by attending the Women's March in DC this Saturday, Jan 21st, 2017, one day after I purposely miss his inauguration. I would rather watch mold grow on a toilet seat than to watch that sorry excuse for a man raise his right hand.

Do I sound bitter? I am screaming inside my brain in frustration! Since that election day, I have painted so many virtual paintings in my mind, if only for the sake of venting my frustration. Disturbing images fill my mind. Strong yellow streaks swoop through dark, night-blue sharp angles. Screaming reds shout out for help, between black-iron bars of political garbage. Icebergs melt, ... I cannot go on. It is too sad. May tomorrow hold a sweeter future than today.
(I wanted to paint up an image for this blog post but there was not time. I am certain that you readers can whip up some mental imagery in your own minds to illustrate this concept.)
-Enjoy the Color, Jeanne
Will I see you in DC?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas ReWish 2016

A Christmas ReWish

I reposted the poem below last year. I wanted to send out good wishes for all during the holiday season.
The poem is not new; I created that several years ago (but it is still current in its hopes for the season).

The [watercolor] painting of the red poinsettia was created new last year. I had hoped to create a new one this year, but as it turns out, another creation took some of my time (happily!) A new grandson! My oldest son is now a father. New life has a way of placing things back into perspective for us all. All of a sudden, a simple thing like having some "holding the baby" time is much more important than anything else!

Give me some time; I suppose I will eventually come down from this "baby high" ... meanwhile, below is a little rhyming fun for ye'.
Ho ho ho!

"Poinsettia" 4x6.5" watercolor (c) 2015 Jeanne Guerin-Daley

A Wish for You
I wanted to send you a holiday card
To wish you glad tidings and a great New Year's start.
But alas! there's no time! with the hustle and bustle
of Christmas preparedness. Oh such a fussle!
There's shopping and wrapping and baking and kissing
Folks under the mistletoe. ...What am I missing?
Oh yeah, there's the tree to be bought and set up,
And the lights to be strung, then hot cocoa in cup.
There's hardly a minute to spare to go paint
Inside me a voice yells, "C'mon, I can't wait!
To pick up that brush and create some nice art!
Then frame it and show it with all of my heart."
Oh, one day I do hope that things will slow down
So I can paint more and do more for the town.
A mural perhaps, at the Little League park,
Or a faux for the day care, a light tan on dark!
Until then I wish from the depths of my soul
That everyone gets what they wished for, not coal,
But joy, love and peace in this world where we live
And a magical Christmas with spirit to give!
                -Jeanne Guerin-Daley

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Salus University Hosts ARTsisters Visionary Exhibition

ARTsisters' latest Art exhibit is at Salus University in Elkins Park.

"Prussian Rose Whispers"
Entitled "Visionary" this exhibition will be hanging until November 9th 2016 in the Hafter Student Center. 

An opening reception will be held on Sunday, October 9 from 1-3pm at the Hafter Student Center, located at 50 Breyer Drive in Elkins Park, PA.
 There will be treats for the tongue (refreshments) and treats for the eyes (our art!)

Clicking  link below takes one to a page in the Salus University website where one can read more details about the exhibit
An opening reception will also be held on Sunday, October 9 from 1-3pm. Both events will be held at the Hafter Student Center, located at 50 Breyer Drive in Elkins Park, PA. - See more at:

They also created a nice little online book of images which you can see here:

The image above is a mixed media piece. First a cyanotype photogram was created then I applied watercolors to it.
Another piece in the show is the little red rose bud in front of a stone wall background. (Below left)
These two are for sale and are part of the group show.

Rosebud Study

A third piece, a little rose study, (below right) is a donated original watercolor which is among the pieces which will be sold at their Oct 29th auction to benefit the charity ""Looking Out For Kids" which helps to provide eye care and glasses to kids who need but cannot afford them. $100 wins it! Info on that here:

20% of sales from this art show will go toward the charity. If you're not otherwise occupied, feel free to stop in on Sunday for the reception, say hi, and meet some ARTsisters.

Salus Rose

Sunday, June 26, 2016

"American Dreams" at Old City Jewish Art Center

"Orlando Eagle" (c) 2016 Jeanne Guerin-Daley

Artwork by members of ARTsisters will be exhibited for the month of July at the Old City Jewish Art Center, located at 119 N 3rd Street in Philadelphia PA. 19106. OCJAC is between Arch and Cherry Streets.
To read an article about the exhibition, click here:

I have had numerous reasons why my art productivity has slowed lately, (am being pulled in many directions) but I stepped it up a notch in order to create something for this exhibit. Each ARTsister was to create artwork relating what the "American Dream" means to her. No doubt many images will be positive ones, especially with the Democratic Convention happening in Philadelphia very soon.

My painting's message is not so positive, since I chose to paint a reaction to the recent murders in Orlando, Florida and what it has done to our country. (I tried to insert a photo of the painting here, but am having tech problems. For some reason, Blogger wants to place it in sideways! Apologies. I guess you'll just have to come see the exhibit to see my painting.) Fixed it!

There will be two receptions for this show:
First Friday: July 1 from 5 until 9pm
Sunday afternoon: July 24 from 2 until 4 pm.
Reception is free and open to the public.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Pictured here is a recent pencil portrait of Sammy, a friend's dog.

Something about his face says "Paint me!"
So, I haven't yet painted him but I did draw him.
maybe will paint him next....

Send me your dog pix! Keep me painting! (/drawing!)

You can email them to

Jeanne [AT]
Put "Dog Portrait" in the Subject line.
Tell me the breed too, if you know it.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Next pet portrait Chosen

I have just selected a reference photo which will be the subject of my next portrait.

New Year; New Face!

Tune in next time....