Custom-Painted Original Pet Portraits

 Jeanne Guerin-Daley is a nature artist who is currently accepting commissions for custom pet portraits.

Jeanne will capture your pet's image 
in your choice of medium: 
 - Acrylic (color), 
 - Pastel (color), or 
 - Charcoal (black and white)


"Marjie's Dog

Please note: photo above left is an image of the painting. (Watermark is wrong)                                                    

Reference Photo

Reference Photo
If you have a clear photo of your pet which can be used as a reference photo for a portrait painting contact me to discuss details!

Be assured that you will be offered fair pricing and that I will do everything in my power to do justice to the image and spirit of your beloved pet.
Please note: Portraits of two or more animals can be created if desired; however please understand that they require additional time to complete and therefore will cost more that a single portrait. Contact Jeanne to discuss.
All orders must be paid in full upon ordering.

Purchaser must supply Jeanne with a minimum of one clear photo of appropriate size. (If the image is too small to see image clearly, it's too small to use as a reference for painting!) Hard copy print is preferred, but digital photos may also be sent by email as long as they are clear enough and of a high enough resolution to be usable.

Click this link: Contact Jeanne to place an order and discuss details.