Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas ReWish 2016

A Christmas ReWish

I reposted the poem below last year. I wanted to send out good wishes for all during the holiday season.
The poem is not new; I created that several years ago (but it is still current in its hopes for the season).

The [watercolor] painting of the red poinsettia was created new last year. I had hoped to create a new one this year, but as it turns out, another creation took some of my time (happily!) A new grandson! My oldest son is now a father. New life has a way of placing things back into perspective for us all. All of a sudden, a simple thing like having some "holding the baby" time is much more important than anything else!

Give me some time; I suppose I will eventually come down from this "baby high" ... meanwhile, below is a little rhyming fun for ye'.
Ho ho ho!

"Poinsettia" 4x6.5" watercolor (c) 2015 Jeanne Guerin-Daley

A Wish for You
I wanted to send you a holiday card
To wish you glad tidings and a great New Year's start.
But alas! there's no time! with the hustle and bustle
of Christmas preparedness. Oh such a fussle!
There's shopping and wrapping and baking and kissing
Folks under the mistletoe. ...What am I missing?
Oh yeah, there's the tree to be bought and set up,
And the lights to be strung, then hot cocoa in cup.
There's hardly a minute to spare to go paint
Inside me a voice yells, "C'mon, I can't wait!
To pick up that brush and create some nice art!
Then frame it and show it with all of my heart."
Oh, one day I do hope that things will slow down
So I can paint more and do more for the town.
A mural perhaps, at the Little League park,
Or a faux for the day care, a light tan on dark!
Until then I wish from the depths of my soul
That everyone gets what they wished for, not coal,
But joy, love and peace in this world where we live
And a magical Christmas with spirit to give!
                -Jeanne Guerin-Daley

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