Thursday, February 09, 2017

"I Am Jane Doe" Movie

I challenge you to make a difference in our world. Let’s make some noise, people!

Do you remember the amazing impact which was felt when so many Americans showed up in DC on January 21, 2017? One person CAN make a difference.  Each individual, one at a time, made the decision to show up and let their voice be heard - across the nation and the world.

If you live in the Philadelphia / Cherry Hill, NJ area you can show up and make an impact. There is a documentary movie about the subject of sex trafficking which is playing from Feb 10 thru 16th in Cherry Hill NJ. It is called “I am Jane Doe”.

Sex trafficking: it is rampant and it must stop! 

Come out if you can, and learn more about it. Let’s all show our anger that this horrible atrocity has no place in a civilized society. We can start by learning more.

Article about and trailer of the movie here:

Trailer / Info / Ticket info here:

Author's note: I usually post things related to my art here. But art is part of life and this issue has commanded my attention right now. I care about my fellow humans and cannot sit by and do nothing.

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