Monday, July 21, 2014

Attention, Animal Lovers!

Coming soon,
As we wrap up the current ARTsisters' exhibition at Old City Jewish Art Center, our next show will be at Merion Art and Repro in Ardmore PA.
In honor of the manager there who recently died we are planning a show where the theme of our paintings will be giraffes. Apparently Lou loved giraffes. All paintings will be the same size and price and we will be offering the donation that half the painting sale to go towards a favorite charity of Lou. (I don't have that exact info yet.)

In my internet research looking for reference photos of giraffes, I discovered a wonderful site called A person can type the name of an animal in the search box and find several options where one can click to get access to a live cam on site. This means I can sit in my dining room and watch  live action happening in Africa. Truly amazing!

(I especially love the puffins cams.)

Check it out. Enjoy!

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