Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fellow ARTsisters-Collaboration article

This past year, my fellow ARTsisters and I got together an collaborated on a Project we call "Shades of Green."

We all chose some pieces of art which which we were not successful on their own, and reused them by placing them in the hands of Ellen Abraham, the brains behind this venture. She coordinated it so that during several months times a few ARTsisters at a time, would come together and paste ripped sections of the donated art, and adhere them to four panels, added some paint, and created a large colorful image which speaks to being "Green." After completion, the painting was exhibited at two different locations, along with more of our "green" art.

I had blogged about this previously, but just recently received notice that Professional Artist magazine will feature Shades of Green in an upcoming article! Here is a link to the author's blog about it.

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