Tuesday, September 03, 2013

2013 Philadelphia Folk Fest: Camping (Montana) Gate, Crafts Side

Ahhhh, Fest is over.
This summer, as in past summers, I have been spending much of my time volunteering for the Philly Folk Festival.
As a crew member of Graphics, I get to hold a paintbrush in my hand for many hours in the day. This year the theme had to do with the elements of the Earth: Fire, Water, Wind, Metals, Rock,...

Oh what fun it was to throw splashes of color onto a hay farm in Schwenksville for awhile!
 First, here is the final mural on the crafts side of the gate between the Crafts and Camping areas, affectionately known by some fest-goers as the "Montana Gate."

This first side dealt with fire and water in the foreground, with rock canyons and a sunset sky in the background.

Pictured below: some in-progress photos.

 The left side needed to be 12 feet (three horizontal panels) high. Since I was working on one of the outer edges of the tent, there was a limitation of only two panels fitting at a time. In order for the panel images to line up, first, I painted the top panels of sunset sky, with went across the entire top.
Then, I had some of my fellow crew members who were 'masters of the screw-gun' to move the left panel up, and install the middle panel. Then I was able to continue to paint the image below the distant rock mountain, into the green prairie, and the rocky cliff with the campfire in the foreground.
 Next, I added some greens growing near the fire, developed the foreground rock's texture, and finished the distant part of the river.

 Then it was time to say goodbye to the top panel, move up the middle one to make room for the lowest one. I also lined up the vertical panel which was to be placed on the right side of the gate opening. Because the gate opening was a full 8 feet wide, things didn't have to line up exactly; close was good enough.
This shows the bottom panel is an "almost-done" state. The next time I got a chance to photograph it was when it was up in place in the field. Things move very quickly in Graphics. Once a panel is finished and dry enough to be moved, it gets unscrewed, taken down, and moved and installed into its location.

PFF Graphics is no place for slowpokes! We are a small group of under fifty people and in a small space of time, we crank out thousands of square feet of painted wood, including murals of 4x8' panels that decorate the fest areas: the main gate,

camping gate, backdrops for four stages,
...many informational signs which inform and directional signs on the nearby roads to help the folks get there and get home [ie: Folk Fest Turn Left]

...as well as some "just-for-fun" stuff! These included an oversized "Fest monopoly game which featured some of the campsites' names as the properties,...

 There were cut-outs with holes for faces. great photo opps!

and of course BIG instruments!

The other side of that same gate focused on wind and trees.
 Next time maybe I will show you that!

This just in,...
Want more about the fest?
Here's an article - you can read or listen to.

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