Monday, June 13, 2011

Grad Time's Over

Such a busy time of year!
This past week was filled with several events involving my high school graduate (awards ceremony, baccalaureate Mass, Grad ceremony, party,..)
Art-making time got pushed out of the way for a bit, I'm getting back on track now.

Becky's Dog-Not Yet Finished  12x9" Acrylic
One concept that has been on my mind has been one of "focus."
I don't know if I have a bit of ADHD, or am just scatterbrained,... but I often jump from one activity to another, feeling I need to do so, in order to keep my activities afloat. Or it might be that I want to grab every ounce I can out of this thing we call "Life" and I try not to waste one moment doing something worthwhile. There is so much that can be done!

My art journey consists of several different roads, and I sometimes wonder how I can travel them all sufficiently.
I teach painting classes at Michaels Arts & Crafts; I paint custom murals for folks who want them.
I just recently began a green project re-purposing cedar shingles into hand-painted signs.
I also paint portraits of people's pets. I have done some consulting work, for artists who need a little help getting their computer to work for them. And then there's those special projects which I lump into a "miscellaneous" category: I recently hand-lettered a quote on a homeowner's wall, painted a bookcase for a fundraiser. I have taught kids about making cyanotypes. Which of my readers remembers "Bahama Llama"?

My art life has been a real cornucopia, and lately I have been considering if I should focus my efforts a little more; narrow down my activities a bit in order to do a more proper job doing what I do.

Have you any thoughts? Any votes for what I should keep? Feedback is always welcomed on this blog. Just post a comment below.
(Now, I must get back to finishing Becky's dog portrait.)

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