Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lilies in a Vase Painting

Tonight there were seven painting-lovers in the classroom of the King of Prussia Michaels store classroom.
Seven! I think that' a record for me.
"Lilies in a Vase"-Grumbacher image
Here's the kicker. I was worried we may not finish on time. The image we painted was of two yellow lilies in a white vase with a subtly-blended background.

There were a lot of techniques to be taught in the one lesson, and quite a lot of detailing to finish the painting. I had done the painting this morning (to refresh my memory: I hadn't painted that image in a month or more) and I did manage to finish it in less than two hours, but just barely! I was worried we'd run out of time,... again! But no, actually, we did pretty good. Only ran a few minutes over. And all the results were wonderful! Everyone has their own unique style. The magic of art!

Looks like next week for the seascape, we'll be painting that wonderful ocean scene where the waves hit against shore rocks and create a white spray around them.
"Rock Crashers" 2010  Jeanne Guerin-Daley

I never tire of painting this one. I used one of my mom's paintings as a reference for it, so it is close to my heart. (It has been several years since she passed and I still miss her terribly! And such a wonderful painter she became!) Sometimes we paint it with a simple blue sky with a couple clouds, as you see here, sometimes with sunset colors,...

If you think you'd like to join us for that one, please click on the link above, the one for Painting Workshops. There you will find all the details. You can also just call me 610-804-2888

I am happy to say that with Michaels' recent class pricing change, the workshop is VERY affordable! They dropped the price considerably!

I'm thinking to maybe add a Saturday morning class for the summer. Any takers? Let me know if there's interest. So far, I have one definite Yes!

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