Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thinking of and Thanking ARTsisters

I am an artist.
I am also an ARTsister.
ARTsisters is a small group of local visual artists who meet monthly  Started by Linda Dubin Garfield, a Wynnewood area printmaker, who realized that she could talk about her art better with her fellow artist friend, Leslie deBrockey, who was not her sister, but was more like her ARTsister. Leslie passed away this past summer after fighting a long battle with a weak heart. (I am so very grateful that I got to know her and I miss her terribly. More about that will have to come in another post devoted solely to Les.)
The best thing about ARTsisters is the benefit that we all get by pooling our knowledge. Today, many of us reaped the benefit of gaining some of ARTsister Joye Schwartz' knowledge of social media. She did a workshop at her home for any ARTsister who wanted to make the effort to learn.

I joined ARTsisters back in March of 2006 I think it was. In the next year, I exhibited and sold some fine art, learned many things necessary to be a successful professional artist, found a free starter website, started this blog, and became a part of a wonderful public art event in Chestnut Hill called, AbZOOlutely Chestnut Hill. It was during that time that I painted a five-foot fiberglass llama named "Bahama Llama." After all the animals spent summer in public places in Chestnut hill, they were all auctioned off as part of the fundraising event. Last I checked, Bahama Llama was bought, then donated to the Chestnut hill library, and now hangs out in the Children's area of the library.

Since then, my art has developed quite a bit, and my knowledge of the art business has widened. Now, with several murals under my belt, having had participated in many, many group exhibitions, (also one solo show), I absolutely credit the jumpstart I had to my participation in ARTsisters.

Thank you Joye, for the generous gift of your time today.
And a big thank you to all the other ARTsisters, past and present, for everything you do and did to energize the group. By adding to the energy, we all grow in leaps and bounds.

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  1. You are welcome, Jeanne. It gives me a lot of pleasure to be able to help my "sisters".


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