Thursday, December 02, 2010

ARTsisters written up in December Issue of Art Matters Magazine

I was just alerted to a terrific article in Art Matters magazine's December issue (page six). It has some background and details about our latest show in Mount Holly NJ at abstract Expressions Gallery. Reception: Dec 5th!

CLICK HERE to read it online.

If for some reason the link doesn't work for you, here is the URL you can copy and paste:

Note: one little correction on the article...
Near the end of the article when he gives the details of the reception as Sunday, Dec 5th from 1 till 5pm, the writer states that this reception is for part TWO of the exhibit, when in actuality, this will be part ONE.

Although I am an ARTsister, I do not have work in this show. I plan to be a part of the part two of the show, exhibiting at a later time.(There are too many of us to exhibit in this space at once.)

At any rate, I hope to be able to overcome some challenges to allow me to get to the reception to support my fellow ARTsisters, as they always try to support me. (It's what we do.)
Maybe I'll see you there?!

Here's a link to the gallery's web page about this show.

And a link to Marge Feldman's painting referred to in the article: "Waitin I: Intermission."
I was trying to post the pic here,. had tech difficulties.  If you want to give me a tip on how, feel free to post below.

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