Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rock Crashers Painting ... at Sunset!

At last night's Fine Arts Painting class in King of Prussia my students and I painted a seascape image which I created for the program called "Rock Crashers" although, we changed it up a bit. The original painting has a fairly simple blue sky with some white clouds. I repainted it the other day, a miniature version, just for fun, and I decided to add some sunset type colors to the sky. It made for a more visually interesting picture, although we found out in class that those extra steps made it more difficult for my students to complete the painting in the short two hour class!

I was thinking maybe to do a miniature class sometime... What do you think? If you were a potential student, would you be interested in taking a workshop in which you could complete a tiny painting, like say, 5x7 inches? I realize that for some images, painting small doesn't necessarily mean a shorter painting time, but sometimes that is the case. If there is a lot of detail in the image, it can still be time consuming.

What, if anything, would stop you from registering for such a class?
Please share your opinions below in the comments. Thank you.

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