Thursday, October 21, 2010

This evening's painting workshop subject: Floral at King of Prussia

It's college hunting time again... Today, my son and I visited Arcadia University. Nice campus. Cool castle!

This evening, we'll be doing a floral design at King of Prussia's painting workshop. If you want to join us, there's still room for more students. You can sign up at the store. Class starts at 630pm.

So much going on these days/. I have artwork being exhibited in multiple places. ARTsisters have several things going on. I still have some tech problems, but am trying my best to find my way around them for now. Never enough time to do it all. Do you ever feel that way?

Studio Stuff,....

My painting time has split up again. Spending time working on new and current images for the classes. But sometimes I jump[ back and forth to other projects. there's one painting I have started which combines two photos: one of a building in France and one of a dog...
No pic. Kind of early in the painting to even show you... (also due to tech problems...)

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