Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh, those Fall colors! My camera knows when it is autumn, because I am always grabbing it to capture a fiery red tree or two!

I took a lot of pix on my way to and back from an ARTsisters' crit today. Crits (short for "critiques") are one of the many great benefits of being an ARTsister.It is totally voluntary; you come only if you want to come, and you can bring with you some current artwork on which you are looking for feedback. It's all about the art, and our growth as artists.
We view, explain, listen, criticize (constructively), recommend, question, laugh, and learn something new. What was that Jewish word I learned today? Shucks! I remember the meaning, but forgot the word! We were referring to a pitifully clueless type of person...
Any ARTsister reading this? (My memory isn't working too well today!)

 Anyway, it was great fun, and it helped me to clarify some things with which I was dealing, especially in regards to my recent Interactive Acrylic works on paper.

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