Wednesday, August 25, 2010

49th PHiladelphia Folk Fest

A Philly Folk fest fan, I camp there and help paint signs and murals every year with my family. This year's Philly Folk Fest (the 49th) went pretty well.  Tom and I had to miss a bit of Saturday's music due to college move-in day, but that's the way it goes. Had some rain sunday, but it wasn't too bad. (It was nothing, compared to the mudfest of last year!)
 We camped up there all week to prepare the murals and signs for the festival.
Here are some pix

Angelic faces making andels wings

This year's theme was "Philadelphia"

love those Graphics folks! day or night, they're ready to work! 
We work on, rain or shine
Young butterjlies waiting to fly
Electrifying Camping gate
Amidst all the music, all is calm....
Philly Art Museum
Go, Gene!
Ben Franklin Bridge Scene
The Philly daily News, the Zoo, Schuylkill River...

But if I pull this wire, won't that butterfly leap into the trees?!   

A Graphics smaile is the best folk fest smile ever!  i

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  1. "help paint signs and murals every year"...ummm, there's an understatement. Good times--sorry we didn't play music this year.


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