Friday, March 26, 2010

Today's musings...

I have found that oftentimes, the quality of my artwork is directly related to my mood. Sometimes. Not all the time. it's very weird and I have yet to figure it out. Sometimes I do lousy work when I am down. Other times, I can really reach some new "lands" in my artist's landscape when things aren't go right in my world, and the dark place in which I am stuck allows for real productive searching, ... and finding. And sometimes the creative juices just don't flow, whether I'm up or down, happy or sad, energetic or tired,... The artist's muse is very puzzling.

Someone once told me that I had a great attitude about something; that if it were them they would have had a negative outlook on the thing. That particular time I happened to have an optimistic view of the situation. Today, it occurred to me that people [that is, readers of my blog] might think I am always happy and cheerful and hopeful and up. I'm most certainly not. but when I'm NOT cheerful, I try not to spend any time doing things like writing a blog post, because that attitude will certainly show through. And that's not why I write. The way I see it, who wants to hang out with someone who is a downer? Someone with a negative viewpoint? Someone who will bring you down with them? Not me. And probably not you too.

So whenever I post a viewpoint online, I try NOT to be a downer. It's simply being considerate of others! But it doesn't mean all is roses in my world all the time. I'm digging trenches just like everyone else. I have good days and I have bad days. Today was,... well, not so hot.

How was your day today????!

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