Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Narberth Beach Mural

Mural-making today. It was a long but productive day.

I had been working on the design for this small mural and today was the day I got to pick up a paint-loaded brush and attack the wall!
It is an interior mural in my client's apartment located in Narberth so I decided to call it "Narberth Beach"
What you see here is a combination of real and painted images. The white window trim around the perimeter of the image is actually, physically there. The closed and open windows, each with 6 panes of glass, are painted.

Within that outside trim framework, are two wooden, sliding pocket door panels that slide inside the wall when opened. When shut, they meet in the middle and now boast this scene. It is a window opening between the kitchen and living room in a Narberth apartment. 

This second photo shows what I mean. I slid open the windows partially to show the kitchen. Neat idea, huh?! My client had a carpenter create the doors and decided that when the doors were shut, they might as well be decorated.

It wasn't a large mural, but it was a complex enough design to keep me busy working on it. As usual, I had fun doing it!

I used acrylic paints for most of it; the white faux window is painted using the same white paint as the perimeter trim, tinting them with warm highlights and cool shadows.

Thoughts? Reactions are welcomed. Please leave a comment below.

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