Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Second Class of Wet-on-Wet

Wow. Wonderful Wet-on-Wet Watercolor painter. Take a peek!

Yesterday I had another mind-blowing time at Sarah Yeoman's Crow Hollow Studio. I attended my second of six classes on learning Sarah's distinct wet-on-wet style of painting with Chroma Interactive Acrylic paints. Can you spell "fun"? I can. It goes like this: 'S-a-r-a-h-'-s-C-l-a-s-s!"

Yesterday we learned techniques for using collage in conjunction with these paints. I had such a blast creating some new works The possibilities are endless with this paint.

Her "Crow Hollow Studio" is located in an absolutely beautiful part of the world! It is located in Delaware, not far from the Pennsylvania state line. To get there, I travel south, down Route 1,  through scenic Chadds Ford, in Chester County. At Route 52, I leave PA and enter the state of Delaware, and very soon after, I arrive. Chester County is so beautiful to drive through! (And it's barely showing a hint of Spring colors right now.)

Here's what my Tuesday mornings are like now:
I wake up around 6:45AM, shake the night's dreams from my eyes, drag my sleepy legs around to the two appropriate bedrooms and wake up the 11th and 12th graders in my family. Then, forcing my eyes open, I make two PB+J sandwiches, (one grape, one strawberry).

Around 7:40 we three leave the house. I drop them off at school. Then I head south! Down Route 1, then onto nice little country roads for the rest of the way. My route includes a beautiful brick-red colored  covered bridge across which I drive. I also pass by fields of rolled haystacks, and acres of treeeeeeees.......

When I arrive at the studio, I bring in my materials, and start soaking up the artful experience. I learn new things, play with paint, get inspired by the views... What a super way to spend my morning!

I am so, so very lucky to be in this set of Sarah's classes. If you are an artist, or just want to become one,  I would highly recommend that you contact her and try and get into one of her classes. Details are on her website:

Here are three good reasons to sign up before they fill up:
1-Sarah Yeoman is an inspiring teacher/mentor and an accomplished artist
2-The studio where she holds her classes is a simply lovely setting, full of artistic fodder for one's imagination.
3-Simply the ride TO and FROM the studio is worth it!

I can't wait to combine these new paints with some of my blue-and-white cyanotype images! Stay tuned for more next week...

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