Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can time slow down please?

I sure do wish time could slow down!
I have had to postpone my creative ventures the past couple days.
The bottom line. The green stuff that pays the rent (mortgage, whatever) is currently demanding my focus. (Or should I say the LACK OF that green stuff!) ..... Juggling art and a regular life is sometimes SO HARD! It is NOT a piece of cake. That's all I am going to say. (Don't want to whine to y'all!)

No time for much right now.... Lots on my mind,. no time to share. so sorry...
Try your best to stay colorful!

One question I have for you: If you were to want to buy some art, what kind of picture would speak to you? For what would you look? Realistic images of everyday items? Imaginary landscapes? Realistic landscapes? Colorfully rendered botanical images? Black n white drawings of people you know? Colorful integrations of all of the above?
Let me know please. I have many interests, my artist's muse seems to have multiple personalities! I enjoy trying many things.

Re: My Newsletter---it's on my list I promise! I haven't had the time to finish January's newsletter!!!! (It will feature the herb Rosemary) . . . if you haven't yet signed up to receive it and would like to, please click here.

Don't want to bum you out; just know that I am having challenges and that I am doing my best to beat them! . . . my poor camera is screaming to be heard! It contains many pix of recent art... i just cannot manage the time now! So sorry... working on it ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ !

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