Monday, January 18, 2010

Learning the PanPastel Process

I have been very busy pastellin' lately.

I am totally enjoying the process of using these new pan pastels of mine! Fairly new to the art market, they are oh so soft, softer than the softest pastel stick I have ever held in my hand. The applicators do a nice job of smoothly putting on color. Everything has drawbacks though; I think this medium's drawback is the difficulty to create very small, sharp points and edges. I am discovering ways around that though. It's what experimenting is all about!

When I get more time, I will post pictures of all this online somewhere (maybe on my Facebook page, maybe on this blog,...   we'll see.

Attn: fellow artists:
If you have any experiences with using pan pastels, please share your thoughts about the medium in the comments section. They are very new, so I don't know if there are many people working with them yet, but I hope the interest will grow and spread. I am enjoying the panpastel process immensely!

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