Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's a FaceBookTwitterBlogger World!

Here's whats new with me today, folks:

As an artist who is serious about promoting and marketing my art, I have been advised by the gurus and experts in the field that I should not ignore the current social media outlets.

One such coach is Alyson B Stanfield. (You can read some of  her very informative blog by clicking this link:)
She says we artists should ignore tecchie advances at our peril.
So, being the always coachable student that I am, I have been spending much of my time these days, discovering the ins and outs of Face book, Twitter, and such...

The scope and speed at which these social media sites are advancing is absolutely amazing to me. It's like the crack in the dam, with water gushing out with great force and speed!

I discuss my recent affliction with "Twitteritis" (did I just create a new word?!) on a recent blogpost because I felt I was beginning to spend way too much time there. Click on the link below for that full story...

Blogging is something I have been doing for almost three years now, so that is a road on which I have walked and with which I have become comfortable.

As I mentioned, I created a twitter account. (I can be found on as "JeannePaints")

I also started a Facebook account and have a Facebook "Page". (Link to my Facebook is:)

On Facebook I can post pictures of my art, tell folks about events, like art shows, art-related news stories..., and discuss my artwork. Folks can  go to my "PAGE" and sign up to be a "FAN." (Or one can simply click the "Become a Fan" box on the left side of the blog page.) Fans will see my updates on their Facebook wall.

It's all very exciting to me, but it's also very time consuming! If one is not careful, one can spend HOURS watching funny or touching videos, viewing photos, reading comments,.... Self-discipline is definitely required with this stuff. (like I mentioned in the blogpost about having "Twitteritis" )

I'm still learning about the details of making the different avenues work for my situation. Although I enjoy a funny video once in awhile, and am even guilty of spending the time to share them with others, my main purpose for spending time on Facebook and Twitter is simply to communicate with others who have an interest in learning more about my art. The ability that Facebook has that one can easily have a conversation with another person, even if that person lives a thousand miles away, is utterly amazing to me. That shows me the incredible reach that one can have with facebook. Since I started to post updates, I have reconnected with some folks I haven't seen in 30 years!

I don't mean to ignore mentioning MySpace. But there's only so much one person can do! I have slowly begun my education with that avenue, but I'm still in the kindergarten stage with that. Much more to learn, I'm sure. Then there's also LinkdIn, and many others. Little by little we will all learn all this stuff I suppose!
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Art Exhibit News:

I have three pieces hanging now at the Penn Medicine Building in Radnor. It's on King of Prussia Rd, just a bit north of Rte 30 (Lancaster Ave). They are part of a group exhibit of the Delaware Valley Art League Board Members. That show is up until Dec 5th, 2009.


Coming in March of 2010 - ARTsisters will present a group exhibit called, "Diverse Horizons" at Widener University Gallery. A portion of the sales from this show will be donated to Arrhythmia Research. More details to come on that as the date approaches.
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So here's what you can do for me:

Please feel free to share this to any other art lover that you think might enjoy reading it.

I encourage you to join in on the fun of social media:

Become a "FAN" of my "PAGE"

Either click the "Become a Fan" box at left, or click my name just above it to check out my page and if you like what you see, THEN you can do so. (Look for the purple iris picture on the left side of this blog page.)

As I learn how to do more cool things on FB I plan to hold some contests and give away some art-related prizes!

Send me a "TWEET" by signing into Twitter (Like FB, it's also easy and free to sign up) As I mentioned, on Twitter one can find me as "JeannePaints". Click on "FOLLOW" and then my "tweets" will automatically show up on your twitter page! (If you already "tweet," let me know so I can follow you!)

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