Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's an FTK Halloween

It's such a shame that it was such a crappy rainy day this Halloween. I'm sure that was why the traffic was light this year. Can the kids get a rain date?! Hey, sports teams do it, organizations that hold outdoor events do it. As a mom, I enjoy seeing the little kids out in the neighborhood showing off their costumes! The first year that my husband and I were in this house back in 1986, our visiting friend Casey kept a count. I think there was about 60 kids that came to the door! Since then, the number has varied (we don't keep count anymore, I just estimate!) but never have I seen such a light night as this one. Twice I went to the door to give out candy! Twice! usually it's every couple minutes that someone's at the door! Oh heck, I guess my kids are going to eat all this candy now! Can I hand them the dentist bill?  (Actually I kind of didn't mind. once dinner was made, I was playing around with my watercolors so I really didn't mind the absence of interruption!)

Are you wondering what the pumpkin means?

FTK means "For The Kids" and it's a motto that is stated by members of THON, A Penn State organization (of which my son Dave is a member) - THON holds fund raising events to raise money for pediatric cancer research. As a matter of fact, the flea market that was supposed to be held a couple weeks ago was canceled due to rain, and Dave tells me they have decided to reschedule it again in mid November-Nov 14th.  I'll remind you folks again when it gets closer to the date.
(Maybe I'll get a table and sell some art 'n stuff! I'll let you know.)
To find out about THON, visit

To read about the story behind the four diamonds, you need to go to
(It's actually a really cool story!)

Hey, did you know that THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world?!
Happy FTK Halloween!

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