Thursday, October 15, 2009

CFEVA class tonight on Social Media for Artists

 Yesterday morning I met with my fellow ARTsisters, (meeting minutes t/c soon, girls!) then in the afternoon I visited Eastern U with my daughter who is in the process of finding the right college. Very nice campus out there in St. Davids. 

Today is catch-up day. I have calls to make, bills to pay, food to prepare, paper to shuffle, meeting minutes to record, photos to download, blogs in which to post, (no, i guess you can scratch that one), laundry, there's ALWAYS laundry!, dishes to clean, (there's always that too!), mail to sort, ...

And tonight, I hope to be able to attend a class in center city on social media for artists. Maybe I can learn some tricks about facebook! I've been trying to sort out the difference between having a facebook wall and having "pages" - I understand that pages are intended for businesses, musicians, artists,... whereas facebook profiles are more for personal use, but I still haven't figured out all ther ins and outs.

If any of my fellow artists want to go to the class, it is being held at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) at 1521 Locust St in Phila. You must register first. For info, see their website:

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