Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flying Summer

My summer has flown by faster than a Jackson Pollock paint splatter!

My time has been filled with various activities, many having to do with family. Here's the breakdown.
Since mid April, I have attended:

Two showers,
Two funerals,
Three weddings,
One bachelorette party, (at which I had my first limo ride ever!)
Two folk festivals,
One Phillie's game,
One birthday party,
One movie screening,
One beach party,
One marketing seminar,
Three grad parties,
Four art exhibits (participated in three),
One board meeting,
One high school orchestra concert, and
One high school chorus concert

I also drove over a thousand miles visiting colleges with my college-bound daughter, helped my husband put on a new roof, painted two sides of a trailer (for more on that, scroll on down to the July 15, 2009 blog post.) and I worked on some other painting projects.

With all that, my household de-cluttering goal has been left by the way-side; my studio area needs major cleanup and organization, as does the rest of the house. So let me say goodbye to you for a bit so I can get to it. Stay cool!
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