Sunday, August 23, 2009

2009 Philly Folk Fest: I'm back!

Actually I've been back from fest for over a week now, but I've been very busy with other family events, unpack and catch up duties,...

Here are a few pix from the festival.
My crew decided that this year's theme was the Jersey Shore. So we made a lighthouse of course! (Complete with a working light for the evening concerts!) Unfortunately due to buckets of rain the day or two before the festival actually started, there was an awful lot of mud. That's why you see the yellow caution tape around the lighthouse area. Even though the Groundz volunteers spread hay, this well-traveled area just inside the Main Gate became similar to quicksand and had to be roped off!

Horror stories about parking were also rampant around fest this year because of the rain and mud. But hey, it's an outdoor festival. We all learn to deal and roll with the punches!

Pictured here is last year's Giant Martin Guitar. This year it greeted crafts shoppers flanked with a stingray, jelly fish, and toward the right, a giant fiddle.

Then there were the Giant Jersey Shore Beach Towels.

Awesome Job, by Laura and company!

The Making of a Giant Beach Towel

Picture here: Amy D painting, with Ellen pretending to work in the background.

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This year's fiddle wasn't the only new Giant instrument made. We also constructed a huge washboard dangling over the SingOut Magazine Booth!

At right, is Rachel's Desert Island Camping Gate painting.

Go Cianna Go!
Everyone Helps at Graphics! (We recruit 'em young!)

And then there was the music,...
it's why we come!

Dave R and Eli
Eli was an awesome student one night when some of us were jamming. He played some washboard, learned a little banjo,...
did a great job!

Thanks to Karla, I learned a little banjo, too!
(She awakened a sleeping beast within me. Now, I want to learn to play banjo again!)

Thanks so much, Karla!

And a great big thank you to all the members of our crew, from Tom and myself.
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