Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fourth wedding!

In my previous post I was counting up all the events I attended the past few months. I said I'd been to three weddings.

Well, make that FOUR weddings I've been to recently! Just came home from my sister Terry's wedding. What a lovely event it was.

In planning the wedding, Terry thought of one detail that was a fun and touching tribute to my mom. Mom always kept a couple of those little miniature toys on our kitchen table, the kind one could wind up and let go. She was into whimsy and laughter. So each wedding attendee got a toy at their place setting. There were little cars that would go, little bugs with fluttery wings, little airplanes, chattering teeth with legs, and smiley faced hackey sacks.

After the meal when they lowered the lights and the dance floor became the main attraction, lots of those light-up sticks were passed out for folks to play with, wear, toss in the air,... pure fun for kids and adults alike!

The food was AWESOME!!! PTG caterers fed us all a wonderful meal! I found out they also have a BYOB restaurant in Roxborough which is now on my list of places I want to go for dinner!!
Here is their website:

Oh yeah, and it was Bernie's birthday AND wedding day!
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