Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Geez, I've been busy!

For the past three days I've been working down at the Navy Yard painting a logo on a trailer.

The trailer is owned by a man who heads up a special effects crew that worked on an upcoming movie that was filmed there. His truck had had a logo painted on it but it looked rather shabby and he wanted it spruced up.
So after a little discussion about it, I bought some tape and sign paint, went about doing some testing of colors, and got to it.

I had a lot of fun working on it, even though the first morning was pretty physical: twenty five times up and down a ladder the first morning alone! (I counted.)

Here is the end result.
[To be clear: I didn't design this; I simply repainted it and brightened it up.]

I have found that I really enjoy that type of work.
Anyone need a sign painted? Call me! 610-804-2888

I was so busy with the trailer painting, I had little time for anything else,... like letting folks know about my upcoming artists reception!

Details are below on the previous blog post.

In a nutshell:
You can see some pastel paintings I did recently on the walls of the Gryphon Cafe during the month of July, but you can see the art AND meet the artists (there's three of us) if you come Friday evening, July 17th between 5 and 7 pm.
There will be free refreshments.
The cafe is two doors east of the movie theater in Wayne.

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