Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Artist Reception, other events,... and Fest

What a weekend I had!
Friday was my art reception at Gryphon Cafe. All that came enjoyed good food and drink and laughter. 'Twas fun!

Pictured with me (on left) here are the other two featured artists:
Pat Jordan, photographer (middle), and Dae Rebeck-Sanchez, mixed media painter (on right).

Saturday morning, a wedding; Saturday evening a family party.

Later, Saturday evening, back up at fest for another nice fest campfire (a small, rather subdued one this time.)

Then Sunday, another work day at fest getting some signs painted.

Then, around lunchtime was it?
Another fest volunteer alerted me to look skyward. There was a cool prism in this cloud. Colors just hanging out with this small, non-obtrusive cloud. It was like a multi-colored window open in the heavens. Very cool indeed! It stayed around for quite awhile too. Seemed like longer than a typical rainbow would have.
What a nice treat from old Mom Nature that was!

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