Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We're getting a new roof!

My husband was on the roof yesterday when I stared writing this, nail-gunning away. His [paid] work slowed down so he decided it was a good time to finally tackle the roof job. For the past few days he and friends have been tearing off three layers of old roofing material. What a messy job. And a BIG job. The whole family and friends too have been pitching in helping him as much as we can. The rented dumpster outside is getting close to full of the old roofing material.

After my third trip to the hardware store to get him supplies, I ended up on the roof too, helping him. We didn't stop until around nine pm, but we got the entire front half of the uppermost roof all shingled. Roofing is hard work, but the views can be neat! I slung my camera over my shoulder before I climbed up the ladders.

Pictured here; the view of the city from the roof. (Too bad the sky was so gray)

Cutting the asphalt shingle

Frank helped with the snapping of the chalk line.

Casey and Tom taking a well-deserved break.
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