Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday's Hailstorm

It was absolutely amazing!
I do try to keep this blog focused on things related to art; this was nature's own art at its finest!
It was yesterday. I glanced outside and saw this eerie looking cloud. The winds had been whipping about and making lots of noise. When I saw the greenish-yellowish color of the light outside I knew something was up. I grabbed my camera and ran to a bedroom window.
This first picture is the storm cloud moving in from the south fast!

This next shot was taken pointing east. (Can you make out the little bit if center city skyline in between the chimneys there?)
That nearby yellowish cloud in the above foreground was moving toward the north really fast! In the next instant, I started to hear loud bang! bang! bangs! I realized they were being made by hail stones being thrown down from that cloud!

It was truly an awesome sight to see!

So, I raced downstairs and yelled to my one son who was home to come see. Then I took this shot of the street from our dining room window. It had been only seconds since it had started, yet the whole street was already white with marble-sized little ice balls!

The force with which the hail stones were dropping was absolutely incredible.

So then, just as swiftly as it had begun, it was done. The hail turned to rain very briefly, then all was still.

So of course I went outside and took some more shots!

Nature is God's Art.

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