Friday, April 03, 2009

Make that a "Double... Rainbow!"

It's so true that you just never know when a cool photo opp will happen! I mean, I often see some neat-looking clouds in the sky, and run for my camera. But how often does one see a rainbow?!

How about a Double Rainbow!
How 'bout a Double Rainbow in the Rain!?!
I saw one tonight AND I caught it with my camera!

I was dropping off two of my high-schoolers up at school tonight. They're on stage crew and there is a performance tonight.
It was about 6 pm as we were leaving the house, and I caught a glimpse of some awesome-looking clouds. So I decided to grab my camera on the way out,... just in case.

After I let off the kids, I drove around to the front of the school so I could take some pix of the cool clouds in the sky. From this vantage point, I could see a wide sky, with the center city Philadelphia skyline just to the east. (Since last year, they had cleared out a lot of brush and now a wide clear shot of the center city skyline is viewable!)
So I pulled up, and got out of the car to start photographing those awesome clouds. Then, it started to rain. Since cameras and water don't mix too well, I was grateful that the car was so close by.

I sat in the car, maneuvered it around a bit so I could photograph the eastern clouds through my open window, while protecting my camera from the rain. Then, I saw the color! A rainbow, not AFTER the rain, which I have seen before, but DURING the rain! It was oh-so-very-cool!
All I can say is that I was given a really special gift tonight! Nature's wonders never cease to amaze!

This was just what I needed. I had been busy with that left-brained paperwork job which needs to happen every year around tax time.
-I hate it. I ain't no good at it.
-But I hafta do it!
-So I had been ignoring other, more fun activities out of a sense of duty and financial responsibility, but it really has been driving me bonkers!
A rainbow, I have found, is quite a cure-all for those types of woes!

My mom, who was an awesome artist, took every chance she could to remind me to appreciate the wonders of nature. I am so thankful to her for that. She surely would have been smiling broadly tonight!
What was really cool about being there was that the vantage point was such that I could see clear across the sky from one side of the rainbow all the way to the other! It couldn't all fit in one photo. The next two photos show each end. can you make out the 2nd rainbow?

I stayed there, shooting pix until it had gradually faded away.
Then, while driving home, I had another little surprise treat! Look just a bit above the van!

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