Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bev Benson's Artwork at Merion Art & Repro

This Friday is the first Friday of the month [Dec].

It's the First Friday event where my long-time-ago college friend Bev Benson will be exhibiting her wonderful art. She and I were in many of the same classes in our freshman year at Philadelphia College of Art (now Uarts) way back in 1975-76. We became friends that year. Then, as sophomores, we had a few less common classes but stayed good friends. After my departure from Philly to Memphis, Tennessee in 1977, when I transferred to the Memphis Academy of Art, I lost touch with Bev and we didn't see each other for many years, until just recently when I saw her at Nancy Halbert's reception at Tyme Gallery! Now, there's a reason to go see an art show! Ya just might meet an old friend, as well as seeing some cool art!

Just wanted to let y'all know about it! Maybe I'll see ya there. She has prints and note cards for sale as well as originals.

Also, don't forget, Merion Art & Repro has a 20%-off-everything-for-sale-in-the-store during First Friday hours!
(They always have lots of great holiday gift ideas for the creative kid!)

One more thing:
If you can't go, at least check out Bev's website! She has got an awesome painting that I just love. Ya gotta see it! I love it, and if you are a Jersey beach goer, and you like color, I imagine you'll love it too! It's called "Double Dune Fence" Check out her website and look for it!

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