Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life is always changing...


Always changing.
When it's bad, that's good, because the bad will change to good!
But when it's good, ... uh-oh! Watch out!

This weekend, my husband was returning from a walk down by the river with the dog when he was plowed into by another car who decided it was a good day to run a red light! This little car must have been traveling at a high rate of speed, because it broadsided my husband's truck, (hit the driver's side). It pushed the truck sideways into the traffic light, (which I noticed by the time I got there, was flattened !) My husband told me he had but a split second to react once he saw the car coming. He kept a firm hold onto the steering wheel with one hand, grabbed the dog with the other, and braced himself for impact. The car almost caused the truck to roll over, but not quite.

So now, the truck is totaled, and we have annoying things to deal with like how to get by for now with one family car when there are three drivers in the family who need to get to work, school,... high school kids who need to get to school, (Thank you, Dean! - good neighbors are so nice to have!), but no extra money for this irritation!

The great news is that the love of my life seems to be OK! He is very sore, and he was very shaken up, but he didn't appear to break any bones. There is some pain in his hand which he getting checked out though. The dog seems to be fine. We have been keeping a close eye on him.

One time when I was complaining to my dad about how lousy our luck had been, he sent me a quote from Cervantes’ book. “Man of La Manche” (the story of don Quixote) that goes like this:

“All these bad things that happen are signs that soon times will calm down and things will have to get better; it isn’t possible that neither the bad nor the good last forever, and if bad things have lasted a long time the good things are near.”

Being reminded of this helps me to get through those bad times!

Life may be good at times; life may be bad at times, but boring? --- never!

Here’s wishing you health and prosperity every day you live.

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