Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Geez! My last blog entry, I spoke about it being a busy spring, now it's a busy summer! I've been preoccupied with end-of-school things like graduation parties to go to, as well as other family stuff. Unfortunately the time for art has suffered. There are only 24 hours in a day!

Along with my siblings, I helped my Dad move from the house I grew up in, into an apartment. What a job that was! It's incredible to discover just how much "stuff" some of us hold in our homes! Little by little, we were able to disperse the many pieces of furniture that needed a home, as well as the sentimental items of which there were many.

Since Mom was very prolific in the years that she painted, my sisters and brothers and I were very lucky to come home with several paintings for our own walls at home. We all were able to get a self-portrait of mom as well. I wonder if Mom ever imagined how important her paintings would become after she'd gone.

Above my fireplace I now have an original painting by Ignacio Guibert (who was my mother's brother and a successful, productive Spanish artist). Also hanging are three paintings by Conchita Guibert (my mom) and one of mine. I am very lucky indeed to have such talent so close. As I sit at my computer wrestling with work I often turn my head just a little bit and there's mom, giving me inspiration.

Yes, I am very lucky.

I suppose we can all feel like we're lucky depending upon what we choose to focus.

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