Thursday, January 03, 2013

Mya... Further Along...

Mya-Further Along...
Here is the same painting I posted in the previous post, but this time after an evening of some developments.

I laid some glazes on the background grass because I wanted to push it back into the background somewhat. It was getting too detailed and was taking focus away from the main subject.

I changed some edges around her tail and rump. (You can still see some whitish areas on the grass. That will go away once I get a chance to paint in more grass again.)

I laid in some developments overall. In some ways I improved it; in others I lost something. Sometimes the freshness of the beginning of a painting is best left alone. yet, I knew it wasn't finished to my satisfaction so I needed to continue working on it.

There are still many areas with which I am not happy, but it is coming along. Mya's back leg isn't looking very solid right now. Hopefully I will correct that. Her eyes were worked on but are not "there" yet. I am searching for that sweet spot where the viewer says. "Yes!"

I absolutely do not mind criticism, as long as it is constructive. In fact, I encourage it! Feel free to share your comment below.

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