Friday, December 28, 2012

"Maya" Is Progressing...

"Maya" - In Progress...
I started a pet portrait the other day. It is not yet finished. Such an adorable pup, don't you think?
Photo at top; painting in progress below.
I do hope I can do justice to this beautiful dog!


  1. Jeanne!!! I just saw this cause Lizzy told me you were working on it! We love it! I was unaware you were painting our Mya baby! I will have to check back ocassionally to see your progress. (This was from me, Terry. I used Bernies accoint.)

  2. I thought you might be happy with it. Mya is such a gorgeous dog! (And thank you for correcting my mispelling of hr name. I didn't know!)
    Sometimes I like to paint certain images simply because they need to get painted! (I also like to take good care of my collectors when I can, with some extras now and then!)

  3. I put a new, updated picture of the painting on my Facebook page (search "JeannePaints")
    or maybe clicking this link will work


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