Friday, May 25, 2012

Ocean City New Jersey Seascapes

I was lucky enough to hit the beach this past weekend. Ocean City New Jersey.
You choose.
Which of these pix strike you as an image which would be best for my Seascape Painting Lesson?
Tell me which one you would prefer to paint?

Ocean City Dunes 1

Ocean City Dunes 2

Jetty #1

Jetty #2

Jetty #3

NOTE: There has been a Calendar Update/Change to my Michaels Painting class schedule on Conshohocken. June 6th will be a seascape, not a floral. Which one shall we do??? (Post your preference in the comments blow, please.)
For more details about the workshops, just click on the "Painting Workshops" tab at the top of this blog page.
Bring a friend and come paint with me!

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