Monday, October 24, 2011

The weather is turning cooler. Maybe you love it; maybe you hate it! I absolutely love it, but even if you don't, you can dream of the warm beach days of summer...

This week we are doing seascapes in our Michaels [beginner] painting workshops!
There is a scene that hasn't been done for quite some time, that I plan to teach. It shows sand dunes, a beach fence, and a relatively calm ocean (not the rocky waves-crashing scene that many of my students have done before!)
This one has a dynamic composition, which makes use of diagonals and overlap to create depth. Come join us! (It may be quite some time before I offer this scene again as a lesson plan.)

Tip: if you plan to come and you have some smaller [than #2 Round] brushes, they may come in handy when doing the fences and sea grasses).

If you are not yet registered but would like to attend class, you can email me or text me 610-804-2888 so I know you will be there. This way, I will make sure to have enough lesson plans for everyone.
If you come 15 minutes early, you should have time to register and purchase any needed supplies before class

King of Prussia store: Wednesday at 6:30pm
Conshohocken store: 3pm Sunday
For more details click the "Painting Workshops" tab above.

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