Friday, September 23, 2011

DVAL Board Exhibit Now Up at Penn Medicine Radnor

"Winter Wishcape" 16x20" Interactive Acrylic (C) Jeanne Guerin-Daley
Currently I have two Interactive Acrylic pieces hanging at Penn Medicine, Radnor. One is pictured here.

Info about the venue here:

I have been occasionally experimenting (playing, really!) with Interactive acrylics for the past year or so, maybe two? I am really enjoying the process of seeing what I can do with them. The possibilities are enormous!

Here, I treat them like watercolors, laying down very wet color onto a wet piece of watercolor paper which has been stretched and stapled onto wooden stretcher frames. Usually, a representational painter, I am thoroughly enjoying this visit into the abstract world of imagery too.

"Winter Wishcape" is framed without a mat, under glass, with a spacer. Oh, and it is for sale too.
$290 will bring it home to your house. It is wired, ready to hang. (After all, it hanging there at Penn Med now.) Winter is coming. Want a Winter Wishcape on your Wall?

Weally?! (Sorry, alliteration sometimes makes me a bit silly.)

But seriously, if you would like to stop in and view the show, please do so. It is hanging until December 1, 2011

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