Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Images for Painting Workshop Added

I have just finished uploading some new images which will be/are being painted in my Michaels Painting Workshops this February. I have been working hard to develop some new ones and am very excited about some of them.

Look for the "Painting Workshops" link you see above and click it to see them and to get more details.

There is just one thing I don't understand:
Some folks have balked at the $27 price of a class. Are you kidding?!?
Think about other classes and how much they cost. I pay my son's guitar teacher $20 for a half hour lesson. He gets 30 minutes of instruction for that. That equates to $40/hr. If Michaels were to charge the same rate for my two-hour painting classes, students would have to pay $80 per class! Talk about a value!


  1. I agree Jeanne, your price is quite reasonable! Your painting is lovely, is it acrylic?

  2. Yes, it is acrylic, Joye. Thank you. All the paintings done in the workshop are acrylic.


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