Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are You Having a Bad Day?

A few years ago, when my dad was still alive, he sent me an email that made me feel much better when I was having a bad day.

The bills were piling up,their due dates looming closer and closer. Bad luck seemed to have decided upon me as its constant companion. My day-to-day responsibilities, it seemed, were compounding by the hour. I was doing everything I knew to muddle through it, yet it still wasn't enough.

I vented to Dad a bit in an email; I just couldn't keep it all inside.

Dad sent me a reply with a quote from Cervantes' book. "Man of La Manche" (Don Quixote).

"All these bad things that happen are signs that soon times  will calm down and things have to get better; it isn't possible that neither the bad nor the good last forever, and if bad things have lasted a long time, the good things are near."

I printed it out on a document, in large green letters to fill half a page, and taped it to my wall near my work space. Reading it often has improved my outlook on tough days... in my life, and in my painting.

Thanks, Dad.  Try it yourself if you like.

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  1. I love this quote, and it is totally true. Life happens in waves, and the bad cannot be sustained.


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