Sunday, October 10, 2010

OK, So it's not the Mona Lisa,...

I've been busy working up new lesson plans for my painting workshops at Michaels Arts & Crafts stores. I worked on a seascape this morning, set it aside to do some other things, then I got a nice still life idea. A landscape is quietly sitting on a table easel on my window shelf, awaiting my decision of what to do next to finish some detailing. I often work this way; working on one thing for a time, then switching gears to something else, then back to it,... It can sometimes cause me to feel a little fractured in my thinking, but at least I rarely get bored with what I'm doing!
That might be why I really like the idea of these classes at Michaels that I'm teaching. I like the idea of working to finish a painting in just two hours. Of course the subject matter of these paintings are not Mona Lisa's or anything (I'm sure the Mona Lisa took much longer to complete than two hours!) These paintings are much simpler in design, but still have several elements which allow adequate learning to take place. Each class covers at least a few of the common techniques used in acrylic painting. Throw in a little composition and color theory lessons and a whole lot of fun and there ya have it!
If you always wanted to try your hand at acrylics, here's your chance. Sign up at the store of your choice. I teach at King of Prussia Store on Thursdays (and some Sundays) and at Plymouth Meeting on Tuesdays.
Tomorrow: framing work.

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