Monday, October 19, 2009

Flowers That Move!

Did you know that flowers really do move?

I worked on my latest watercolor again last night. What I am painting is part of a flower arrangement that I made in a vase. There's a deep purple setcreasea (aka Purple Heart) sprig in there, and some marigolds and daisy-like mums, along with some variegated green leaves from a shrub (of which I don't remember the name) and some wild daisies (the names of which my husband  says is "Weeds".)

I had started it the night before, and then when I worked on it again, many of the shapes and lines in the composition were totally different! Leaves that used to face one way, now faced t'other! It's okay though, I'm not going for total realism, just a general likeness. I will try and finish it tonight. (luckily I painted the part with the orange marigolds already, because they are looking mighty wilted already!) Wish me luck!?

 I can't wait to start my playtime with paint and render these red and yellow chrysanthemums!
   *  *  *  Enjoy the Color!  *  *  *

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