Saturday, July 26, 2008


July is almost gone. Wow, time goes way too fast for me. Sometimes I really wish things could slow down a bit, don't you? So we could stop and smell the flowers once in awhile?

Speaking of flowers,...
This orchid plant was brought outside one day after my kids and I found a trail of ants coming in from outside and going for something in the soil of this plant. There were ants everywhere! We took the plant outside and went about taking care of the ant problem. Unfortunately, leaving the orchid out in the bright sun for a couple days burned the leaves. Slowly, one by one, they yellowed and died, followed by the blossoms. It was such a beautiful plant; I was sad to see it go. I had started a drawing of it some time ago, and didn't finish. So I guess someday I'll have to try and replace it again. At least I'm glad that I took some photos while it was outside in the bright summer sunlight! Nature. Always changing!

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