Tuesday, June 17, 2008

STOP the Orphan Works Bill NOW!

You know, even if you're not an artist, a writer, a musician, etc., if you're an American, you probably have some idea of the copyright laws as they exist in America in reference to the arts. When you create something, you're protected by copyright law,.... or you were....

You also probably have some sensibilities as to how much harder it is to make a living as an artist in this country as opposed to a carpenter, a plumber, a bus driver, a lawyer, an accountant,... in this day and age,... heck in this crazy economy!

Please, if you enjoy the arts, the creators of that art need your help now. Get involved and become a loud voice to stop this crazy orphan works law!!!!
Write to your representatives in Congress and your Senators. Tell them they're not being fair to the hard-working artists of this country! They are robbing us of the right to make a living doing what we do best!

For more info click here.

Don't let google win!!!!!

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