Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chalk Street Painting at Tabor Days

Today was going to be the longer of the two days doing chalk street paintings for the Tabor Days Festival. But thanks to the thunder showers that decided to show up some time before noon, it was a short day for us Madonnarians.

Three other artists and I showed up before ten o'clock and started on one of two paintings each . The plan was for us to create two designs: one for each day.
We unloaded our supplies, gridded out our rectangle, then started blocking in some color. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds a couple times, just long enough for me to think about maybe changing into the shorts I had brought. Then, some time before noon, little raindrops appeared, which became bigger rain drops, and luckily we worked quickly enough to load up our stuff, cover the art, and get under cover before the heavy thunder showers began.

After awhile the rain stopped temporarily and some of us hung around to enjoy the after-effects like watching puddle-jumpers!

We'll be back Sunday-- should be sunny!
Stop in by if you want! Details on their website

The first picture below is my sketch (with added reference photo) for Saturday's picture.
The next picture shows as far as I got before we had to cover it.

Before the downpour... and after. We were hoping the plastic would protect the work.

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