Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Truck Sketches,..


As usual, I've been very busy lately. However, I'm happy that I made that New Year's Resolution to try very hard to work on some art every day. I don't expect a masterful painting to be completed every day. After all, to make a goal unattainable is to invite defeat! Goals are supposed to encourage success! I decided that the art done every day doesn't have to be great-- not even good. I'm not doing it to impress anyone. I'm doing it to create a habit for myself. A habit to draw or paint something every day. If I keep it up, my drawing skills are bound to improve, but more importantly, I will have instilled in myself a routine that includes doing something I love to do every single day! How awesome is that?! Also, those times when my (non-art-related) life gets busy, I won't feel so out of touch when I get back into it!

Now, whenever I go out, I tend to leave the house with a sketch book in tow. I used to only do that occasionally. You just never know when you'll have time to draw.The other day, in the orthodontist's office, while waiting for my son, there was a beautiful orchid plant on a little table. Instead of simply admiring it, I got out the colored pencils! Those twenty minutes were twenty minutes of my life that were enjoyed to the max!


This past Saturday my husband and I went to the Pennsylvania Farm Show out in Harrisburg. He drove the truck and I was the passenger. So during the drive, I did what I am going to call one of my "truck sketches".


Because of the bumpy ride, a serious, perfect drawing is out of the question! So I simply draw the best I can with what I got! Bumps and all! Kinda makes it more fun!


This "Truck Sketch" (above) I made the night before, when we were driving to North Jersey to meet with friends. The white rectangle in the lower right hand corner is the white of the sketch book page (before I covered the top with the toe of my boot). I had placed my right ankle on my left knee. Bracing my drawing hand against my right thigh allowed for a somewhat unbumpy ride pencil drawing! Although when I was done, it sure felt great to straighten my leg out again!

I imagine that this exercise of making some art every day wil help me to formulate ideas for larger projects as well as improving my ability to draw quickly. Sometimes I know I won't have the thing in front of me for long...


I drew this in about 5 minutes while in the car waiting to pick up my son and daughter.
Once they were in the car, they wanted to get going, so I had to stop drawing! (Besides, we would have been late for church!) I gave it a minute more to finish up quickly and went back to my busy life!

That's it for now! I encourage any artists out there who complain that they don't have enough time to try this "ArtEveryDay" idea. But let me warn you! It's quite habit-forming!

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