Friday, October 26, 2007

Scanned Blue and White Cyanotypes

"Dancin' Weeds"

I love my new printer! I got it several months ago but I haven’t really had much time to play around and learn all about what it can do. It’s a Canon Pixma MP530 all-in-one that can print, fax and scan.

Tonight I discovered that it has a stitch-assist feature which allows me to scan images that are up to twice the size of the glass, scan them in two pieces, then stitch them together. I don’t know yet how the quality compares with digital photographs of artwork, but it sure was pretty simple to use!

I’d been reading a little on the Internet about how one can scan a large image in pieces then stitch the pieces together in Photoshop. I definitely want to learn how to do that someday when I have time, but for now, this discovery about my printer makes me happy. This way, I can keep a better record of my smaller sized cyanotypes more quickly than having to bring them outside on a nice day, set up the easel in the shade and photograph them, then download into the computer, rename, catalog them,... and new work could get on the blog sooner!

No Name yet-

(Nothing strikes me yet as a good name for this one. Any suggestions?)

Shown above are some stitched scans of cyanotypes I’ve made this past month.:

I also scanned a pastel I made recently but now see the limitation of doing it this way. Maybe it's just my monitor, but I see a faint line down the middle. Do you see it? That wouldn't be there if I had photographed it.

"Beach Scene I"

The two below weren't stitched; they were small enough to fit on the glass to be scanned at one shot. I just felt like showing it to you!

"Painted Day Lily"

"Weed Prayer"

Till next time, Peace!

(All images: Copyright 2007 Jeanne Guerin-Daley)
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