Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kanto in Color!

My heart is recharged again!

A few nights ago I ignored the housework (dishes,etc...) and got out some brown paper, conte crayons, a favorite photo of Kanto, and created this. (If the pose looks familiar, it's because it's the same pose as a black and white pencil drawing of her some months ago.)

Our dog's coloring used to be darker and redder than this portrays because of the strong backlighting of the image. When I took the photo, the back of her neck was lit from strong sunlight streaming in the dining room window. That was the main thing that really struck me about this photo. In the actual photo the back of her neck is a very strong stark bright white, so I added some warm yellows to soften the effect.

I feel I captured her essence in this picture. It's nice when the art flows out without much difficulty. Sometimes an area just doesn't come right and you have to work it and rework it. That wasn't the case with this drawing I'm glad to say.

If you know anyone who might want a pet portrait painted, I'd appreciate it if you would tell them about this blog. I'd love to do more!

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  1. Wow Momma!! What a beautiful piece of art! Nice job!


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