Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Five Reasons to love a llama

1-Llamas are vegetarians!
2-They don't bite.
(They may spit when agitated, but that's mostly at each other.)
3-They are social animals.
4-They can carry one quarter of their body weight!
5- They're great hiking companions!

The Auction

The Abzoolutely Chestnut Hill Auction was held last Saturday night at Chestnut Hill College in a grand space called the Rotunda. It was a great big room that appeared to be about four or five stories high. When you looked up, you could see a skylight way up in the center of the ceiling, and railings that wrapped the room at each level. The Abzoolutely monkeys hung from the lower railings by their long arms, and spent the evening looking down at the crowd of bidders, artists, and animal lovers. The larger Abzoolutely animals had been placed around the room for all to admire.
At the entrance, right near the registration table, was Bahama Llama, standing proudly, happy to be with his zoo friends again, wearing his visor for the night! He'd had a tough time out on the streets of Chestnut Hill, dealing with broken legs and losing the top of one ear, but he was finally fixed back up and ready to be a part of the event!

When the auctioning off began, the excitement in the room grew more and more evident. One by one, all the animals were auctioned off and the highest bidder earned the right to take home his or her prize. Bahama Llama sold for eleven hundred dollars!

The "zoo" office (that is, the Chestnut Hill Business Association office-215-247-6696) has produced a book about the project. It will retail for $15, but from now until the end of the year, they will sell it at cost, for ten dollars. Contact them for your copy. Bring it by the house, and I'll sign it for you!

They also have a small quantity of commemorative Bahama Llama T-shirts* ($11) and bookmarks. (2 for $6) You can get your T-shirts and bookmarks from them or go to the Hellophiladelphia site (link below) for more info and pictures.

To email for info: or

The Abzoolutely Chestnut Hill project has been so much fun for me. I hope you have enjoyed learning about the events as they came and went, as much as I have had telling you of them!

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